September 19, 2011

Nasi Lemak 2.0

A movie made by Namewee.
[Click here for the official website]

Well, to be honest,
I did not understand what the hoo-hahs were all about.
I mean, the movie was okay, and the story line was predictable.

I guess I was a little bit disappointed
because i've read all the positive feedback of the movie in Facebook,
and i'm like... "what?" at the end of the movie.

Sorry, but it just wasn't what i expected.
But i must say that Namewee is a brilliant song producer.
Maybe he should just stick to that.... :\

All was okay, until I saw this in Facebook.

I mean, seriously?
You're banning the movie because "it's made by someone who have insulted the country before"?
There's nothing wrong with the movie.
WTF, the main story of the movie was that the people of Malaysia is like a dish of nasi lemak,
Made up of different ingredients and bla bla bla and they go together.

You can't use this pathetic reason to ban a movie.
Namewee grew up. He made a film about how 1Malaysia is supposed to be.
(not the stuff you see politicians crap about)
And you're banning it because of his past. =.=

Another thing,
The "messages" in the movie are implicit,
It's up to the audience to think whether or not the stuff are true or not.
Please don't make it seem like this movie are only meant for Chinese people.
It promotes different cultures, traditional foods and the different races of Malaysia.
F* you if you think that it does otherwise.

I'm pissed because every little thing must be banned,
And censored and covered by idiotic people like THESE.
You people are the reason why Malaysians are living in a backwards society.

By the way,
The car door handle on the Waja I'm driving now broke off last month
And I had to replace it for RM90.
And, blackouts in my hometown back in Sabah goes about 3 to 4 hours weekly.

Therefore, the messages are not to point out "negativity" in Malaysia,
They're just pointing out the obvious.

*Thanks Namewee, for being Captain Obvious with real balls*

Yes, at this point, i really mean BALLS.

August 28, 2011

Little Genting

I have been a student in KL for a year now and have not visited Genting.

Lucky me my boyf took a shortcut and brought me to Little Genting before he headed back home for Raya Holidays.
(and left me alone here. boo)

If you don't know where is Little Genting. (for people who are not from KL)
Always use a GPS. haha. or ask somebody who knows. =p

You can try google. although i found it quite hard to find the place.
So, you can try googling Haven Restaurant (one of the restaurants there)
The address of it is:
Lot 1A & 1B (Look Out Point), 
Pusat Pelancongan Menara Tinjau, 
Jalan Ampang - HuluLangat, Bukit Langat,
Hulu Langat, 43100 Selangor Darul Ehsan

So if you're lucky and your GPS can track this down, you'll get there no prob.
Check out the official website of Little Genting a.k.a Look Out Point: [HERE]

BTW. Look Out Point is the name of one of the restaurants there, as well as the other nickname of Little Genting. (again, for non KL people - KL people do not laugh) XD

We went there at 6.20pm++ from Jusco Cheras Selatan.
Was going really slow because only one of us knew the way there,
And was watching out for landmarks. TEEHEE

We got to Little Genting JUST IN TIME to watch the sunset.
(Eventhough the clouds were blocking it),
The breezy weather and the view of the city is just breathtaking.

*we went to the Look Out Point Restaurant and just looked at the view for the longest time,
didn't even bothered to order first before taking loads of pictures*

The other side of the restaurant.
Feels like home :P

Looking down from our seat

The other side of down

Officially getting dark.
And we finally gave in and took our seat. XD

We ordered our meal,
And started to freeze because NO ONE WARNED me to bring a blardy jacket
(i know i'm stupid on my half, but i HAVE NOT BEEN THERE BEFORE)

Not such a good idea to order cold drinks,
but we were so tempted. :D

Mocha Chocolate Blackberry.

Salmon something something

My Grilled Chicken with Ham, with Mushroom sauce

Something chop. :D

Fried chicken. ( I THINK)

I seriously did not bother to ink down what we had for dinner,
Because I was just too freezing and hungry to bother. TEEHEE.

But Look Out Point Restaurant will definitely give your tummy the satisfaction you want,
Especially in that cool breezy weather. 
Loved it! :)

After I sped through my dinner,
I continued to take pictures using my digital compact camera while others continue to munch down their meal.

Tried a few times, and this is the best i could do with my Canon Powershot.

After everyone finished off and we left LOP,
We headed to the viewing tower to get the best view of the panoramic view of the city.

On such a high altitude,
It was bloody tiring
(well, for me lah. XD )

The viewing tower,
Which was actually standing over another restaurant.

The best shot i could get after trying VARIOUS times.

Little Genting, is definitely one of the best experiences I've ever had.
=) Loved every part of it. 

August 11, 2011

Semester 3 RoundUp

Well. Here I am again,
Just to show you that I did not lie to you in the past... 9 hours? XD

Just for future reference (for myself)
yes, i like seeing what I have done in my life
[although i have never really flipped through my blog in a while]

i'm just gonna go through some stuff in my third year/last semester for my first year

One of the biggest events of UCSI University is Unifest.
And this year is our university's 25 anniversary.
So it was big.. HUGE actually.

Yes, it was freaking raining.

Shawn Lee, the beat boxer~

An Honest Mistake~

And.... Mizz Nina!
Yes, We were all there to watch Mizz Nina,
*she is so hawt*
BUT also, the other performers were GREAT.
(you can tell how great it was cause my "GREAT" is so colourful, and i used quite some time to colour the font. so yes. it was AWESOME)
The only thing was that we were freezing cold under the rain,
But hey! The event was a success!

We celebrated Saranya's birthday in July! XD

Our birthday card for her~

Happy 21st Birthday girl :)
And now, some pictures from class. XD

Last class for Study Skills~

The whole class. :)

Last Class for Alternative Voices class - Debate
I was one of the judges for the first debate.
twas a pretty lol situation.
didnt really know what to do. HAHA

Then, the second team debated.
*that's me - points*

I'm really gonna miss this class.
We were all *pretty* close.

So yeah,
That's the roundup for my third semester here.
Of course we had some outings and more birthday bashes.
But.. Too many lah :P

Fingers crossed for a great beginning for Year 2 alright!

August 10, 2011

August of 2011

Dear Blog.

I HAVE FAILED YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh geez, i'm such a horrible blogger. oh lol.

Well, updates again? 

My third semester in UCSI is almost coming to and end, there's still 2 more papers to go.
One, this Friday. The other, next Friday.
Big gap, i know.

And I'll be free from 19th August til 5th September.
And when September starts, I'll be in Year 2 already. O.O
That would mean work load will be twice as much.

Moreover, internship will start this November til December.
So fingers-crossed that I'll get a GREAT JOB ok! :)

For more news in UCSI,
There's a ball coming up. not a basketball, no.
PROM NIGHT. and the theme is Greek Escape. 
Sounds pretty grand. For us students it will be RM100 but for outsiders will be RM110.
Anyone interested? hahhahaha.
It'll be in Prince Hotel. :O

I know, my advertising skills are pretty much cheaper than dirt right now cause i've been sending out resumes since I woke up........ 3 hours ago. T.T

Here's the promo video that was done for our prom night :)

It's so good, you'll want to go!

I will *TRY* to update some more during this sem break.
TRY. Try.........


July 1, 2011

It's July!

Oh myyyyyy. It's officially two months of my third term here in UCSI.

Am slumped with all the assignments this semester. It's pretty crazy.
Let me break it down (for future reference haha!)

Study Skills

  1. Report x3 - DONE !  (half)
  2. second assignment (to date) - DUE SOON
  3. Third and final one coming soon - a campaign consisting of 12 members :O - DUE SOON

ESP: Bizz Comm - really lost with this one. lecturer blur case = students blur case - DONE ! (for now)

Moral Studies
  1. Group Assignment - Presentation next Tuesday! - DUE SOON
  2. Midterm just passed - horror - DONE ! 

Alternative Voices
  1. Midterm just passed - DONE ! 
  2. Take Home Test - Midterm - 10 pages assignment due in 7 days - DONE ! 
  3. Group Assignment - due week 12 - 10 to 15 pages - DUE SOON
  4. Individual Assignment - due week 12 - 10 to 12 pages - DUE SOON
  5. Debating Challenge - coming up soon - DUE SOON

Internet Technologies
  1. Midterm just passed - DONE ! 
  2. Group (which is my individual) assignment - making a new website on our own - DUE SOON
  3. and its report. - DUE SOON

i'm actually all halfway. i dont like to do things one at a time.
just dont have the concentration to finish one asm,
so i have to break it down :\

Currently working on my website (ALMOST DONE! wheee)
AV group paperwork (1 more page to go!)
Study Skills (waiting on the survey)

I'm not trying to brag... oh gawd. BELIEVE ME.
just trying to explain why haven't I been updating.
Geez  i miss blogging. =(

June 4, 2011

A Weekend Away | Klang_Kuala Selangor_I-City

Okay, this was soooo last week. But hey!
It doesn't really matter XD

Last week, Win, Teddy, SinLy, Revy and I head to Klang.
It was a random trip as Teddy's hometown is Klang.
So we just tagged along.

Addicted to the star~

A super sleepy girl


The just awoken Win

Well, Klang is less than an hour drive from Cheras.
So first........... we had bak kut teh for breakfast!!! (kinda brunch)
Yumm Yummm !

He is Muhammad Win bin Kong.
And he is eating bak kut teh.

After brunch,
We head to Teddy's house. To hang out and chit chat.
Was a lot of fun at first until we got bored cause had to wait until 4pm.

No one knew how to play. Just bang here and there XD

Sitting straight.

"I wanna peace like this!"

Teddy and his sexy wild cat act~

Wheeeeee. twirling my camera around.

Win is........... enjoying his kung fu

Plugging the laptop to the tv.

To watch..... the KoKo Nut Song!!!!!!!! XD

At 4pm SHARP.
We headed to Teddy's friends place.
And waited for the rest to come,
To go to Kuala Selangor for dinner.
Yes. we went to Kuala Selangor JUST for dinner. =p

While waiting, we became children again XD
Sharing a seatbelt~
Because sharing is caring.
*look at Revy's neck* lol

After a while on waiting,
We were finally on our way to KS. =)
Went to a seafood place 
(and 3 of us were actually allergic to some seafood XD)

Teddy's friends.

After dinner.
we head out on the pier? to take some pictures!

The beautiful sky! 

At 8pm,
We started to head back to KL.
But then... decided to stop by in I-City that is in Shah Alam.
The entrance fee is just RM10 per car.
So make sure your car is FULL when you go, so it'd be worth it =p

After the I-City tour.
We were gonna go back home.
But......... stopped by SnowFlake for supper =p

Using the fish-eye effect 


And THAT will conclude our little trip. =p
What's next? hehehe